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A Little Romance

February 15, 2012

Ah, the post-holiday slumps…the buildup, the letdown, the feelings of emptiness and sometimes despair, and always the feeling of “ohgodwhydidieatsomuch.” It feels even more lame because Valentine’s day isn’t even a  real holiday. But now I’m here, day after Valentine’s , in my pajama’s, eating sad, boxed donuts and disciplining my boyfriend’s cat for spilling water everywhere (vigorous chin rubs are discipline, right? “DON’T PURR WHEN I’M YELLING AT YOU!”), and just generally feeling blah.

How else am I supposed to feel after having a fairly excellent Valentine’s Day? Neither of us had to work. There was chocolate, there was cheesecake, there was dinner. There were kisses, and cuddles, and hand-holding. There were love songs, and sappy sentiments, and gazing into each other’s eyes. And then there was the highlight. Spock’s Brain.

Star Trek TOS

The Vulcans can teach us a thing or two about romance.

Star Trek is ultimate romance. I can’t say I’m an expert, but there’s nothing quite as dreamy as watching the Starship Enterprise drift through space.  And for those of you who are fans of things that are so bad, they’re good, Spock’s Brain is the perfect episode for you (in fact, the whole Star Trek original series is for you). But in this episode in particular will make you groan. It has everything! A brainless and remote-controlled Spock? Check. REALLY dumb women? Check. The always-handsome Captain Kirk showing off his fist-fighting skills? Check. Medical drama? You got it! Not to mention a good old-fashioned punchline at the end. And the outfits! I guess miniskirts and go go boots make a comeback in the 23rd century. Take note of the future chic! And how all aliens can speak English! It’ll blow your mind!

I know Valentine’s Day is a whole year away, but guys, seriously. Woo your significant other with Star Trek. Because if we learn about the future from the past, then we’ll save a whole lot of time. Or something.

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