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Confessions of an Addict

February 29, 2012

I’m a good person. I really am. But sometimes good people get caught up in bad things. I wish I didn’t have to admit to y’all that I’m an addict, but everyone has their vices, right? No?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t addicted. Or rather, I don’t want to remember a time. Everything seems brighter now, my days go by quicker, there are times when I’m even excited to get up in the morning. But it’s for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

I’m not going to apologize for my mistakes…I don’t regret anything I’ve done. I’m not in denial…I’m addicted to GemCraft. All three chapters. Sick.

If you have never played GemCraft, I don’t recommend you start unless you’re willing to risk your free time and your social life for at least a few weeks. The original game was released in Summer ’08, and then a prequel was released in Spring of ’09 (GemCraft Chapter 0: Gem of Eternity). I played through both voraciously and multiple times, until a sequel came out just last February (GemCraft Labyrinth), while I was working on my college thesis, I might add. I’ve been keeping track of another sequel in the works…apparently it’ll be released within the next few months. I’m awaiting it with both excited anticipation and dread. The new game is likely to be even more in-depth than the last one, which means that no one will be seeing me for a few months, and my Gemcraft addiction will only get worse…


Looks like harmless fun, right?

GemCraft is a tower defense game where you play as a wizard defending your tower from these little buggy monsters. You use awesome and powerful colored gems placed in turrets along a path to shoot them with magical energy. Ooooh. Gems can be combined into wicked combinations. As you kill more monsters, you gain experience to upgrade your skills.

Remember how before I said you shouldn’t play GemCraft? I actually meant you totally should. It’s the best flash game of them all. I’m not even afraid of being called a nerd. There’s even a mobile version of the game for your iPhone/Pad/Pod, but it might take a little more convincing for me to shell out the $3.00 for it. And do I really need to have GemCraft with me at all times?

Yes. The answer is a most definite yes.

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